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Russian edition of “The Longest Way”

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My book “The Longest Way”, which has been doing pretty well in Germany and China, is finally out in Russia, too! And it has such a cool title: Самый большой дурак под солнцем!

Now I am not very good at Russian, but even I know that this means something along the lines of “The biggest fool under the sun”. Never ever could I have come with a better title for this book!

If you have read the book you will probably understand why this title means so much to me. It has to do with my good friend Teacher Xie, the walking legend to whom I dedicated the weird beard video. By the way, he is still out there, walking around, living the good life.

This book, the Russian version of “The Longest Way”, was published by Eksmo in Moscow, and from what I can tell, and judging from the reader reactions I’ve seen, they did a very good job with it.

Short introduction to the book (Russian/English):


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