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New issue of my coffee table book “Mein Langer Weg Durch China”

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Remember my (German) National Geographic coffee table book “China zu Fuß”?

Well, we decided to redesign the whole thing and add a bunch of new contents. It’s called “Mein Langer Weg Durch China” (My Long Way Through China), and it has one of the most charming kids I ever met on the cover:

The inside is beautiful as well. The designers over at Dumont Publishing House made the maps less green but more colorful and punchy:

And they changed the layout of the text parts, too:

Of course it still has the big and shiny pictures, though:

Aaaaaaand we added a complete new chapter, telling the story of my walk from Ürümqi to Wusu in the summer of 2010 and my subsequent walk from Wusu to Khorgas at the border of China and Kazakhstan in the summer of 2012:

Finally, we decided to include a selection of facsimile prints from my original diaries:

Not that my handwriting isn’t practically on par with that of a high school student. But I think it might be interesting to see a few of these raw excerpts that were actually written with the sweat and the tears from the road.

Anyway, new book – yay!