On the road. The Longest Way

I like to take walks


Name: Christoph Rehage

Born: 1981 in Hanover, Germany

Ethnicity: German, Hungarian, Danish, Russian, Swiss French, Armenian

Height/Weight: 192cm/100kg

Likes: reading, walking, photography, swimming, all things tasty, empty inbox, Cool Hand Luke, Magritte, Reich-Ranicki

Dislikes: U2

Education: Magister degree in Sinology, Slavic Literature, Modern History

Lived: Bad Nenndorf, Wichita, Frankfurt, Paris, Munich, Beijing, Hamburg

Work experience: Hagebaumarkt, McDonald's, Musée du Louvre, Élysée Montmartre, Continental

Languages: German, English, Chinese, some French/Russian

Articles in: The Beijing News, New Weekly, Southern Metropolis Daily, People's Daily, Evolve Magazine

Books: The Longest Way (German, Chinese, Russian), China On Foot (German), Chinese Characteristics (Chinese)

Walked: France-Germany, China

Dream job when I was little: truck driver, writer

Known for: weird beard, Chinese political commentary



Did the previous information help you get to know me a little?

I think if I want to get to know someone, I am most of all interested in what the person likes. Music can be one of those things. So when I put together some tracks to enjoy on the road, I decided to share them here with you.

Enjoy! →

Music I love:

The Longest Way 1.0

Wouldn't wanna walk through China without these! 78 minutes. Listen on iTunes or Spotify

Sad Music

Suicide Soundtrack. There, I said it. The Dutch act. This one is 81 minutes long. Listen on iTunes or Spotify

80s Hip Hop

Definitely Most. Too bad Mr. Freeze is missing. It would have been even better. 78 minutes. Listen on iTunes or Spotify

80s Pop

Spandex. They were radical, they were righteous. The 80s were a horrible decade. I came up with 78 non-horrible minutes. Listen on iTunes or Spotify


Zero Given. Don't try this at home. This is 84 minutes of punk. No pistols, no bollocks. Listen on iTunes or Spotify


Ablaze. To be played in random order. 84 minutes, fifty-one songs. I wish I could have included Angry Samoans in this one. Listen on iTunes or Spotify


The Green. Included some, left out some others. 79 minutes, mostly filled by people who think that Ganja should be legal. Listen on iTunes or Spotify

Booty Bass

Largess. Need Cool V on this one. This one is 80 minutes of pure adulation. Mostly body parts and subwoofers. Listen on iTunes or Spotify


Showtime. From Ring Around The Rosie to the Circle Pit. 80 punishing, glorious minutes. Listen on iTunes or Spotify


Four On The Floor. If you like glitter balls, then you got 81 minutes of them here. Listen on iTunes or Spotify

French Hip Hop

Suprême. I am said to have bad taste in French hip hop. This one is thus 82 minutes of bad taste. Listen on iTunes or Spotify

Post-2000 Hip Hop

Reverse. The world around Kanye. 79 minutes of beats and declining sales. Listen on iTunes or Spotify

90s Hip Hop

Atomically. Space Jam soundtrack nowhere to be found. California Love gone too. But 80 minutes anway. Listen on iTunes or Spotify


Roxbury. Why Europe is so great. Well, sort of. 79 minutes. Listen on iTunes or Spotify


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