I like to take walks


Name: Christoph Rehage

Born: 1981 in Hanover, Germany

Ethnicity: German, Hungarian, Danish, Russian, Swiss French, Armenian

Height/Weight: 192cm/100kg

Likes: reading, walking, photography, swimming, all things tasty, empty inbox, Cool Hand Luke, Magritte, Reich-Ranicki

Dislikes: U2

Education: Magister degree in Sinology, Slavic Literature, Modern History

Lived: Bad Nenndorf, Wichita, Frankfurt, Paris, Munich, Beijing, Hamburg

Work experience: Hagebaumarkt, McDonald's, Musée du Louvre, Élysée Montmartre, Continental

Languages: German, English, Chinese, some French/Russian

Articles in: The Beijing News, New Weekly, Southern Metropolis Daily, People's Daily, Evolve Magazine

Books: The Longest Way (German, Chinese, Russian), China On Foot (German), Chinese Characteristics (Chinese)

Walked: France-Germany, China

Dream job when I was little: truck driver, writer

Known for: weird beard, Chinese political commentary



Did the previous information help you get to know me a little?

I think if I want to get to know someone, I am most of all interested in what the person likes. Music can be one of those things. So when I put together some tracks to enjoy on the road, I decided to share them here with you.

Enjoy! →

Music I love:

The Longest Way 1.0

02TLW1Wouldn't wanna walk through China without these! 78 minutes. Listen on ← iTunes or Spotify ↓

Sad Music

02_SuicideSuicide Soundtrack. There, I said it. The Dutch act. This one is 81 minutes long. Listen on ← iTunes or Spotify

80s Hip Hop

02DefinitelyMostDefinitely Most. Too bad Mr. Freeze is missing. It would have been even better. 78 minutes. Listen on ← iTunes or Spotify

80s Pop

02SpandexSpandex. They were radical, they were righteous. The 80s were a horrible decade. I came up with 78 non-horrible minutes. Listen on ← iTunes or Spotify


02DTHZero Given. Don't try this at home. This is 84 minutes of punk. No pistols, no bollocks. Listen on ← iTunes or Spotify


02AblazeAblaze. To be played in random order. 84 minutes, fifty-one songs. I wish I could have included Angry Samoans in this one. Listen on ← iTunes or Spotify


02Green2The Green. Included some, left out some others. 79 minutes, mostly filled by people who think that Ganja should be legal. Listen on ← iTunes or Spotify

Booty Bass

02LargessLargess. Need Cool V on this one. This one is 80 minutes of pure adulation. Mostly body parts and subwoofers. Listen on ← iTunes or Spotify


02ShowtimeShowtime. From Ring Around The Rosie to the Circle Pit. 80 punishing, glorious minutes. Listen on ← iTunes or Spotify


02FourOnTheFloorFour On The Floor. If you like glitter balls, then you got 81 minutes of them here. Listen on ← iTunes or Spotify

French Hip Hop

02SuprêmeSuprême. I am said to have bad taste in French hip hop. This one is thus 82 minutes of bad taste. Listen on ← iTunes or Spotify

Post-2000 Hip Hop

02ReverseReverse. The world around Kanye. 79 minutes of beats and declining sales. Listen on ← iTunes or Spotify

90s Hip Hop

02AtomicallyAtomically. Space Jam soundtrack nowhere to be found. California Love gone too. But 80 minutes anway. Listen on ← iTunes or Spotify ↓


02RoxburyRoxbury. Why Europe is so great. Well, sort of. 79 minutes. Listen on ← iTunes or Spotify ↓


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